Tackling shoplifting & Anti Social behaviour in the town centre

Jun 1, 2023

We are working with Cheshire Police to try and tackle shoplifting & Anti Social behaviour in the town centre. It is important to report all incidents and PC Chris Mullin has compiled a checklist of steps to take in doing so.

In relation to shopliftings please follow the below procedure:-

  •  If the offence is happening use the radios to contact CCTV, this may get a response from local officers if they are available. Detaining shoplifters in the town centre or in a car leaving the town centre is the most desirable way of dealing (caught with the stolen property).
  •  ***Important*** Contact Cheshire Police on 999 (if an emergency particularly if threats/violence being used), or on 101 / Cheshire Constabulary Website (Report a Crime). It’s important to give an approximate value of items stolen ie. Several hundred pounds (even if you haven’t accounted for the exact value at the time of reporting), say there is CCTV of the offenders in the store, mention any vehicles that have been involved and any threatening behaviour towards staff. Also mention if they are a repeat offender and tell us if you know the name of the offender from previous dealings.
  • Send an email to me with the time/date of the offence and your best CCTV image of the offender(s). I can then send this to the investigating officer and the image can be placed on our Caught on Camera to see if anyone around the force recognises them. 99% of shoplifters in Wilmslow have travelled from other areas.
  •  Safeguard the CCTV ie. Burn off on a disc/USB/Hard drive in case a suspect is identified a few weeks down the line. Most CCTV systems start overwriting after a few weeks so we don’t want to the lose the evidence. This can be collected when a statement is obtained if a suspect is identified.

 Police Constable 5706 Chris Mullin

Wilmslow Beat Manager