Wilmslow Business Improvement District

About Wilmslow BID

The BID will generate around £1million of new investment into our town centre between 2022 and 2027.  This investment will be managed and delivered by a new business led partnership, who will be answerable to the wider business community who fund the BID.

Download the baseline service statement from Cheshire East Council:

The Wilmslow BID was approved in August 2022 with 74% voting in favour representing 85% of rateable value. The BID officially started 1st November 2022.

Three Theme Plan

What the BID Will Deliver:


Way Better Business


Way Better Marketing & Promotion


Way Better Experience

Essential Financial Information:

  • £1million business led investment into improving Wilmslow Town Centre.
  • Paid through a small 1.5% levy of a premises / hereditaments rateable value
  • The BID will cost the average premises (hereditament) a daily equivalent of just £2.11/day
  • Any premises below £15,000 rateable value are excluded

The Executive Board


Joanna Davies – Chair Black White Denim
Jane Eastwood Boots
Neil Matthews Mail Boxes ETC
Susan Marshall Hoopers
Tony Jones Emerson Group
Charles Jarvis Cheshire East Council
Jo Wise * Cheshire East Council
Tony & Louis Mundin The Rex Cinema
Danny Brown Howden Insurance
Martin Lowe Suburban Green & The Wine Cellar
Chris Hilliard The Electric Bike Shop
Mark Goldsmith * Wilmslow Town Council
Angela Donaldson Information Commissioners Office (ICO)
Samuel Burrows Wood Fire Smoke
George Hajiyianis The Grove & The Wrap Studio

The BID Area

Download the Wilmslow BID Proposal

Why does Wilmslow Town Centre need a BID?

In developing the BID, businesses across the town centre were consulted from July 2021 about the wider challenges and opportunities that exist for Wilmslow, and then further consultations in March 2022 with regard to the draft plan for a BID. The feedback from the consultation was:

93% of respondents agreed that the three themes in the draft plan were the right priorities for focusing improvements

100% supported the BID leading on the creation of a business led programme of events and festivals to animate the town centre

“Good ideas and sorely needed!”

“The roads are in a terrible state especially around our premises. Kings Close in desperate need of resurfacing”

“Work you have been doing is great carry on!”

100% of respondents who provided feedback supported the BID investing in enhanced levels of cleansing, litter picking and planting schemes

66% supported the BID making investments in projects to tackle anti-social behaviour at key times of the day/week

“Events you have been running and street performers have been great for bringing people in to town”

“Anything to increase footfall would be welcomed”

“Grove Street needs tidying up”

100% of respondents who provided feedback supported town dressing
e.g. innovative re-imagination and development of the town centre streets and public realm

100% of respondents who provided feedback supported investment into
footfall and consumer data to better understand our consumers, where they come from

“Looks good we need to tidy up Grove Street”


  • All premises with a rateable value greater than £15k received a vote.
  • If a majority voted in favour of the BID (by number and rateable value) the BID is approved for a 5 year period

BID Board

  • Wilmslow’s businesses form a representative board to govern the BID.
  • BID Board  includes representation from companies across Wilmslow

Invest, benefit and report

  • The BID team is appointed to manage the BID by the BID board.
  • New projects and services agreed by the business-led BID board are commissioned in line with the BID proposal.
  • The impact and success of the BID is reported to businesses